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To all our town mates, there will be a free circumcision (Libreng Kugit) also known as Operation TIUli on April 8, 2014 at the Municipal Library. The Libreng Kugit program will start at 8:00 in the morning. To those who are interested, you can contact your BHWs for more details.

The Municipality of San Quintin will be holding a Sports fest starting November 21, 2013. Sports fest events will be Boxing, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess and Basketball. The event aims to promote sportsmanship, socialization and awareness . It also aims to develop skills and camaraderie amongst participants.

The sports fest will be joined by Basketball Teams from LGU, Sangguniang Bayan and Joined PNP/BFP.

The Municipality of San Quintin has linked its Official Facebook Page, "San Quintin Ang Galing". The Facebook page can be easily accesses thru the facebook slider located at the Official Website of San Quintin, Pangasinan. Visit our Facebook page to see more activities happening in the Municipality.




The Municipality of San Quintin extends its utmost gratitude to Mayor Leoncio Saldivar, Municipal Mayor of San Nicolas, Pangasinan for his benevolence in lending one of their firetrucks to the Municipality of San Quintin. In addition for a more efficient Fire Protection Services, additional Fire Marshalls were assigned to the Local Fire Protection Bureau.

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